Friday Favorite: David Bowie – Heroes

Most music blogs that I’ve made a habit of reading more often than I’d like to admit tend to only post on the new, under the radar artists that are popping up everyday. But with so much music out there it’s easy for some of the previously released, noteworthy albums to slip through the cracks. Which is why I’ve dedicated every Friday to highlighting an album that I think you should know about.

Until recently, I haven’t been a David Bowie fan. Not out of distaste, but out of sheer lack of exposure. After receiving the Pitchfork 500 for Christmas, which lists the 500 greatest songs since 1977, I realized that I should probably listen to the book’s opener, “Heroes”.

“Heroes was released in 1977, during a time when Bowie was living in Berlin with Iggy Pop and attempting to kick his drug habits. The themes of a divided, post- Cold War city run through the album, and it is thought to be one of Bowie’s finest. The album was produced by Bowie and Tony Visconti, and four tracks were co-written with none other than ambient music’s godfather, Brian Eno.

The standout track of the album is easily the title track, “Heroes”, which benefits from an entrancing, new wave keyboard sound from Eno and hooky as hell guitar riffs. A second track worth mentioning is “V-2 Schneider”, which is a nod to Kraftwerk’s synth player of the same name. Something that might surprise you is “Moss Garden”, one of three ambient tracks on the record done with Eno which boasts Bowie on the Japanese koto.

[David Bowie – Heroes]


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