Have You Met…Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele?

If there’s one instrument that I’d really like to see more indie artists embrace, it’s the ukulele. I briefly learned how to properly play one this summer and realized that this was one instrument yet to have full advantage taken of it. Enter Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele.

He’s so kitchy and witty that you almost hate him. But the downright catchiness of his sound forces you (or, at least me) to love his music. There’s something about his sound that stirs imagery of lounge singers and elevator music for me, especially in track “Meet Me in the Garden”. There’s also something that tells me his music could be the perfect background track for the next trendy indie flick soundtrack. Someone tell Diablo Cody.
Dent’s new album, ” The Good Feeling Music Of…” drops February 3rd on Paw Tracks, and he’s set up to tour the next few months with A.C. Newman, including a stop at Noise Pop.

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