Have You Met…Lost In The Trees?

As a student in North Carolina I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a terrific local music scene. Easily my favorite group from this southern soil is Chapel Hill’s orchestral folk ensemble, Lost in the Trees.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing LITT live on a number of occasions, including a live in-studio in our radio station (video below). It’s so rare to see an alternative group who takes advantage of the gorgeous instruments found in an orchestra. When you have the opportunity to the body and fullness that is created by the composition is absolutely extraordinary.
That’s why Ari Picker, leader of the pack, is not just a songwriter but a composer. To create a piece of music that strings together cello, violin, viola, tuba, french horn, mandolin, glockenspiel and more is an art form that seems to be less appreciated as the years chug along.
All Alone In An Empty House is their most recent release, on Chapel Hill’s prominent Trekky Records, which was released as a vinyl/cd/mp3 download three pack. Pretty hip for a bunch of southerners, huh?

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