Have You Met…Hot Panda?

If there are two things I like in a band it’s a co-ed lineup and Canadian heritage. That’s where one of my new favorite indie rock outfits comes in handy, which is why I’d like you to meet Hot Panda. The four-piece is eccentric and spastic in a psuedo-Clap Your Hands Say Yeah kind of way. According to their biography, after spending time abroad in Oslo, Norway the members created a kind of Canadian meets European sound which makes them unique (or, which makes them sound British. Either way).

Their EP, The Whale Headed Girl made ample amounts of waves in the blogosphere that the upcoming release of debut full-length Volcano…Bloody Volcano has entered the “anxiously awaited” category. Set to drop February 10, the 12-track LP is a marriage of kitschy lyrics, crisp guitars, indie approved keyboards, and the touch of accordian. 
It’s a decent debut. Songs entertain and a few get stuck in the noodle, but the sophomore release will write the group’s future. Another toss on the pile of indie lo-fi noise, or a growth into something memorable. Time will tell. In the meantime, enjoy standout track and album opener, “Cold Hands/Chapped Lips”.

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