Have You Met…School Of Seven Bells?

I’m a few months late on the School Of Seven Bells wagon, but I think it’s a wagon worth mentioning none the less. Seeing as Alpinisms is the trio’s debut LP a little delay in appreciation is to be expected.

First I have to mention that this band has one of the best acronyms EVER, SVIIB. Roman numerals are so excellent.
As a student of folk and punk I’m used to straight to the point, clean and simple rock n’ roll, which is why when electronic, airy pop bands come along it’s a welcome distraction. Sometimes the sound is pulled off, sometimes it isn’t, but SVIIB (!!) manage to make dream rock that WORKS. Maybe it’s because, according to Benjamin Curtis (see: Secret Machines), the group writes their lyrics first and use their electronic music as background noise. Many times electronic groups rely on their beeps and bops as the heart of the music. But let’s face it, every good heart beats poetry. Well, at least mine does.
With lyrics worth listening to and a female vocalist who will make you swoon SVIIB earns two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

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