Have You Met…Madeline?

1038859030_lThe best part of my long distance relationship is that my girlfriend lives in Athens, Georgia. Not only is Athens a hip town with one of my favorite restaurants and record stores but it happens to be a mecca of independent music (see: R.E.M , Elephant Six). If you’ve read a few of these posts (or seen the first installment of my weekly mix series) you might have guessed that my favorite combination of music is folk/punk + d.i.y ethics. Which is why when I found out about Athens own Madeline I knew it was love.

Actually, I met Madeline this summer when she was featured on a Plan-It-X comp with my good friends Delay, but due to being in charge of summer reviews for the station I didn’t take the time to investigate beyond her comp track. Eight months later I’ve found myself randomly visiting her site, downloading the free mp3’s she has posted, and planning on sending some money to plan-it-x ASAP (I need the Paul Baribeau 10 inch, anyhow).

Enough about me here’s what I know about Madeline. Her voice is adorable and sweet, her lyrics are simple and touching, and her recording has the minimalistic acoustic d.i.y sound that makes her seem like she lives in my living room.

My friend who DJ’s at WUOG Athens convinced me that she is a pretty big deal on the d.i.y Athens scene, which doesn’t surprise me. Plan-It-Xers have a tendency of doing that.

[Madeline – Sleeping Dogs]
[Madeline – Against the World And Losing The Battle]


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