Have You Met…Watercolor Paintings?

2922844135_aff2eeb7a0I promise you that not all the artists featured on Tuesdays will be d.i.y folkies, but I couldn’t help myself from introducing you to Watercolor Paintings. I don’t know too much about them because frankly, there isn’t much out there. What I do know is that Rebecca Redman and her brother Joshua are a cutesy brother/sister duo who write some sugary sweet folk music. Rebecca sings and plays the harp (!) while Hoshwa offers bass lines on the baritone ukulele and takes a turn on some toy instruments. Are you interested yet? I thought so.

The two hail from Santa Barbara, Cali. and it seems that they won’t be making it over to the east coast anytime soon. You can support their music by checking out Lost Sound Tapes where there are a few Watercolor Paintings releases floating around (yes, cassette tapes, get with it hipsters). While you’re there you might as well pick up a copy of the new Madeline release on cassette, who was our featured artist last Tuesday. There’s an awesome video the two did that was featured on Ifyoumakeit’s Pink Couch Session which you can watch here. Sampling mp3 follows.
 [Watercolor Paintings – Happyships: Download]


2 responses to “Have You Met…Watercolor Paintings?

  1. totz.

  2. this is great, thanks.

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