Have You Met…Nana Grizol?

nanagrizol_jpg_595x325_crop_upscale_q85Keeping up with the recent Elephant Six theme, I figured it was probably fitting to clue you into the new wave. Ladies and gents, meet Nana Grizol.

Last month I caught Nana’s live show and was blown away for two reasons: the first was an all around astounding stage presence and energy, and the second was lead singer Theo’s poignant lyrics and uniquely fantastic vocals. I’ll paint you a picture: center stage was a bare footed Theo who is one of those minimal between song banter kind of front men, to both his left and his right facing each other in a dueling position were TWO sets of drums (one drummer was in his socks), and a crescent moon scattering the stage behind them was a mix of woodwinds and brass instruments who all seemed to be laughing and smiling the entire set.

Why is this band included with Elephant Six? Well, not only do they live and play in Athens, GA, but a few of Nana’s members are ex-Neutral Milk tourers. Also, Nana plays for Orange Twin, which has become the replacement E6 for surviving Athens bands involved in the collective’s community.

Okay, so they’re a lot of fun – but Nana Grizol also happen to be really good. Their album Love It Love It has an endearing d.i.y recording sound about it. The backing instruments are fun (especially the brass), but Theo’s lyrics and melodies make the record. Mostly, they’re just thought provoking in a refreshingly non-pretentious kind of way. How can you lose with lines like “It should be unlawful to live where you can’t see the stars”?

For an excellent acoustic version of a non-Love It (but totally awesome) track called “Blackbox” check out a great Pink Couch Session version by clicking the image below.


Otherwise, sample album standout and opener “Circles ‘Round The Moon”.

Nana Grizol – Circles ‘Round The Moon


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