Have You Met…The Local Natives?

localnatives1-1sChicago based in-studio blog Daytrotter has introduced me to new bands countless times, but probably my favorite discover via the ‘Trotter would have to be The Local Natives. Hailing from Silver Lake, CA, The Local Natives are the newest addition to the recent wave of earthy folk groups. Their five piece vocal harmonies can be likened to Fleet Foxes, but don’t expect to find a rustic lullaby here. The Local Natives fuse a great use of rhythm, creating an almost triabl sound. They blew up the stage at SXSW, and I think just about everyone is anxious for the release of their debut Gorilla Mansion.

Check out their Daytrotter session here, watch their fun cover of “Cecelia” below, and sample an MP3 of their pre-release track, “Airplanes”

The Local Natives – Airplanes


2 responses to “Have You Met…The Local Natives?

  1. When does their awesome album come out???

  2. I love the World News song by Local Natives… so catchy.

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