Music Lesson…TRKfest

trkfest2With last weeks lesson on this summers upcoming local NC festival, XX Merge Fest, I felt it was only fitting to unveil the likes of another epic festival to your summers. No, it’s not Bonnaroo or that Lollapawhatsit, but TRKfest.

Chapel Hill’s Trekky Records is home to some of the best local artists around, and they sure know how to inspire the d.i.y community. In celebration and support of one of a the Trekky Artist Collective mark your calendars and get your worlds rocked at the second annual TRKfest. With performances from:
Lost in the Trees
Ivan Rosebud
Embarrassing Fruits
Hammer No More the Fingers
The Never
Midtown Dickens
The Strugglers
Mount Moriah + Liza Kate
Vibrant Green

And there other fun activities to boot:
Local Art and Crafts for sale
Local food and drinks for sale
Pants-off Dance-off
Human Rubberband
Coffee Sack Race
Cool Kids Yoga Session
Group Bottlecap Mosaic Mural
Information and Literature from local organizations
Tour of Piedmont Biofuels
Free Massages
Free Haircuts
Shadow Puppets
Bliss Tent
Cake Walk
…and probably more! 

There is no pre-payment crap. Ten dollars at the biofuels field get you into the event for the day. Looks like you can support the entire North Carolina community, from musicians local orgs so we better see you at this one.


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