Have You Met…the Midtown Dickens?

2255986388_b0818c507aTwo things I can never say no to are banjo’s and girls with short haircuts. So when my adventures in North Carolina’s local music scene led me to the folksy likes of Durham’s Midtown Dickens there was no choice but to love them.

Okay, so even if you aren’t as easily sold as I am, I have a feeling you’re going to like these girls. Catchy and simplistic anti-folk melodies with spunky-chic attitude and a myriad of front porch instruments (saw, accordian, banjo, trombone, etc) give the Midtown Dickens a sound that is both endearing and impressive. Their lyrics are incredibly easy to get into, with songs about tetris, guitars, eggs, and shitting cats – but you’d be surprised by the poignant lines beneath the surface on their album Oh Yell! from Durham’s 307 Knox Records

The three ladies behind Midtown Dickens have stretched their legs out past North Carolina, recently touring over to the West Coast, and I’m sure they have plans to do some more of that after their next full-length gets dropped (soon, we hope). In the mean time, enjoy this track from Oh Yell!, called “The Job Song”.

Midtown Dickens – The Job Song

upcoming shows:
June 5 – Local 506 w/ Paleface
June 13 – TRKfest 


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