Have You Met…Clues?

CluesdebutalbumAs an American with liberal leanings and indie enthusiasm I have been brainwashed to believe that Canada is a happy, perfect place where the gays get married and frolic in fields of legal dope. When I try to convince myself that the USA’s hat probably isn’t the utopia it’s played up to be, a band like Clues comes along and sets the record straight- Canada is just plain cool.

Any indie-popaholic knows that the Montreal music scene is pretty much mecca, spawning most of your favorite bands (see: Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre, Wolf Parade, Stars, and many more). You might remember the short-lived and super-hyped Montreal group the Unicorns, lead by Nicholas Thorburn and Alden Penner. After their split in 2004, Penner met up with a number of fellow Montreal musicians (including Ben Borden of Arcade Fire fame) and created a new group called Clues.

After debuting live at the Pop Montreal festival in late 2007 Clues have stayed relatively under the radar, recording their self-titled freshman release. Lucky for you Clues put out Clues yesterday on Constellation Records, and we’ve got a taster track for your listening pleasure below.

Clues-Perfect Fit
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