Have You Met…Red Collar?

3230667992_85320bb568Refreshing. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think about one of my favorite local North Carolina bands, Red Collar. A fellow DJ from my WSOE days hooked me onto these Clash-esque, working class punkers, and I never looked back. Don’t let the word “punk” throw you off the Red Collar trail – it’s just rock n’ roll with an edge. And this edge says: we care about something. You can tell these guys have lived and they’ve got something to say. Not only are these four of the most down to earth, honest, and interesting people I’ve had the chance to speak to, they also know how to throw a rock song together.

With Jason on vocals and lyrics, you’re getting swagger and heart. This guy looks good, sounds good, and is good – and I’m guessing his wife, Beth (on bass), knows it. It’s hard to miss, with his guitar-slinging and cowboy boot janging antics on-stage and off. Of course, it’s really lead guitarist Mike who is the one to watch on stage. That guy can fucking play. Jon closes things off on the drums, and if you say this guy walking down the street this might be the last you’d expect him to be in (but I guess that’s how drummers work).

Red Collar launched their debut album, Pilgrim, and are playing sporatic dates up and down the South, East, and Midwest. Check ’em in a town near you, and sample track “Hands Up” below.

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