Have You Met…Bowerbirds?

bowerbirdsIf you’re a close follower of the North Carolina music scene, then you’ve probably already marked July 7th on your music calendars. For those of you who aren’t as in the know, well…that’s why you’re here reading this blog, isn’t it? Raleigh’s favorite nu-folkies, Bowerbirds, are set to release their highly anticipated sophomore album this July. Upper Air has a tough act to follow, as their debut Hymns For A Dark Horse recieved glowing attention. If you have yet to familiarize yourself with the trio, now is the perfect time.

Bowerbirds keep it simple and honest (which is, after all, the way folk is meant to be played), with an acoustic, accordian, and drum set holding down the backbone of the instrumentation. Sometimes accompanied by a violin or banjo, the true focus of a Bowerbirds song are Phil Moore’s heartening lyrics and Beth Teculars cutsie harmonies. One listen to Hymns… standout “In Our Talons” and you won’t only be hooked to the accordian melodies, but left pondering lyrics like “we’re only humans/this at least we’ve learned”.

From what we’ve heard, it seems that Upper Air is going to live up to its predecessor nicely, or so it sounds with the sample track “Northern Lights”, streaming below.

[download] Bowerbirds – Northern Lights
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2 responses to “Have You Met…Bowerbirds?

  1. i like i like! thanks

  2. this song is almost but not quite as cool as you.

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