Have You Met…Future Of The Left?

Future-Of-the-LeftSometimes we like to spice things up around here at Dust Sleeve, and that’s why this week we’re introducing you to Future of the Left. Apparently when metal, punk, and noise rock collide, it’s called “skuzzy”, or at least that’s what last.fm tells me. Either way, if you’re interested in a creative mesh of genres, or just some music with a punch to the gut this Welch trio fits the bill.

Formed from the remains of the bands Mclusky and Jarcrew, the group dropped their sophomore album, Travels With Myself and Another, yesterday on 4AD to strong reviews across the board. If a touch of screaming or theatrical vocals doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, I still wouldn’t write off Future of the Left just yet. It’s surprising how pleasing this band is to the ears, regardless of thrashing guitars and said screaming. When opening track “Arming Eritrea” first escaped from my speakers, I thought it was some kind of joke – this is the band everyone’s been talking about? But then before I knew it, I loved it. Maybe it’s the gelling of so many various influences (Beastie Boys to The Jesus Lizard) that we have no choice but to like something about it.

With variability in sound all across the record, I literally think there might be something for everyone on this disk. Check out Travels With Myself and Another, out now on 4AD, and sample the mp3 below.

[download] Future Of The Left – Arming Eritrea
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