Video Watch: Heathers – Waiter

Brooklyn-based d.i.y video hosting website If You Make It is one of the greatest things on the Internet. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to watch over and over again intimate recordings with some of my favorite artists from the US, and in this case Ireland. Heathers, (named after the 80’s movie), are twin sisters “Ellie” and “Louise”, though I have a hard time believing those are their real names. I first heard their simple acoustic harmonies on a Plan-It-X compilation, and seeing as they spend most of their time on the Eire, it’s a special treat to be able to watch this Pink Couch Performance of their new song “Waiter”. Click the image below to watch the video, and check out more great Sessions on IYMI. [Like what you hear? Head over to No Idea to buy their Plan-It-X release “Here Not There” for $6!]

[download] Heathers – Waiter

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