Have You Met…Kendrick Strauch covering the YYY’s?

harlemshakes_060909_01Although Kendrick Strauch isn’t usually thought of as an artist all his own (he plays keyboards for NYC’s Harlem Shakes), he did recently make some solo music that will impress you. Before hitting the road to tour with Passion Pit, Kendrick decided to cover the entirety of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s debut release, Fever To Tell, from “Rich” to “Modern Romance”…on his own. In two days. To win a bet. 

Sound ridiculous? That’s because it is. Even more ridiculous is how good this whole “album” is. Using a piano and a drum machine, he re-interpreted a skuzzy punk album and turned it into a creative work of lo-fi beauty. Under the moniker Kendrick O, he has posted a few tracks with an explanation of the project (because I like having sex to this album, I guess I”ll cover it) to a myspace page, where you can also get your hands on the link to download the project, 48 Hour Fever.

Although the most interesting track on the album is hands down the 8-minute mix of “Maps” and “Modern Romance”, which includes spoken word poetry, my favorite of his interpretations is the sweet piano sounds of “Y Control” – pretty different than the original, eh? Streaming below.

[Download] Kendrick O – Y Control
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