Have You Met… Bad Heart Bull?

Two things are a pretty quick guarantee that I’m going to like your band. The first is involvement with Seattle, WA’s lo-fi tape label Lost Sound Tapes and the second is a slightly uncomfortable band name. This week’s HYM artist used to have both. From January of 2007 until April of 2008 this Chicago based group was called Clitorectomy & The Mutilators. Who knows what happened that April. Maybe they were embarrassed to give their albums to their grandmothers, or they didn’t like the ampersand, but the artists formally known as Clitorectomy & The Mutilators can now be found under Bad Heart Bull.

The most likely explanation is the one they give on their myspace here, and includes ideas of feminism or some bullshit (kidding). Either way, Bad Heart Bull are named after an American Indian Activist and as a band are “dedicated to, and highly influenced by, the insurrectionary vision of folks like Sarah Bad Heart Bull who struggle against the powers of oppression and colonization for the dignity, humanity, and autonomy of all peoples.”

On top of having some respectable intentions, Bad Heart Bull is carried well by a d.i.y folk sound, some strong lyrics and vocals from Becca “Pussywillow Sparks”, and that good ‘ol Midwestern flavor. Their album Devil Catch Up With Me is 19-tracks of awesome, and completely free here. While those download, you can stream album opener “Big Wind”, below.

[mp3]Bad Heart Bull – Big Wind

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3 responses to “Have You Met… Bad Heart Bull?

  1. schlove the tunes, so does mason cat.

  2. thank you thank you thank you

  3. updated version of the album can be found here: http://badheartbull.bandcamp.com/

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