Have You Met… Trouble Books?

Today after work I took a much needed trip to the best local record store on earth (pay attention, Cleveland) Music Saves. While perusing the vinyl selection I got held up on the album you see pictured above. It was so pretty and d.i.y looking, screen printed and seemingly hand glued – it pretty much screamed local. I quickly memorized the band name so that when I returned home I could Sherlock Holmes the situation via the interwebs.

What did I find? Well, not much. I think that’s because the Akron, Ohio based ambient group who call themselves Trouble Books like to float clear and easy up above the bullshit that is music marketing. But that doesn’t mean their experimental pop music is going unheard, by the look of their myspace and last.fm counts. For those who are tuning in, I can understand why. This stuff is really pretty, really interesting, and incredibly soothing. As a huge Books fan I was immediately drawn to what I sampled from their most recent LP, The United Colors of Trouble Books. It’s like the etheral instrumentals of The Books mixed with lo-fi rock music, also known as pretty damn awesome. Score one for local Ohio music, and score two for anyone who finds a way to get their hands on it (hint: try here). 

[mp3] Trouble Books – Shaky Sciene

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