Have You Met… Verb The Adjective Noun?

23797425There’s something kind of exciting about finding a new band with a lot of potential. Something that tells you “I need to keep an eye on these guys” – and that’s exactly how I feel after listening to Verb The Adjective Noun. I’ll be honest, when their free EP Reds kicks off with opening track “Stoop” you’ll be a little confused. “Is this metal vocalist really singing over banjo riffs?”, you’ll ask yourself. But once the song hits the chorus, you realize this Boston based 5-piece might just be up to something after all.

You see, this EP is going to give you 5 tracks with completely different sounds and styles, but one thing in common – formulaic catchiness. Sure, these guys are all over the map, from poppy rock to acoustic folk to experimental, but each song is at it’s most basic level pretty memorable. I have a feeling that once these guys land on a singular sound to lay their roots in, Verb The Adjective Noun are going to be able to craft a pretty worthwhile LP. In the meantime, enjoy the standout track “Madeline” available below.

Verb The Adjective Noun – Madeline [mp3]
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