Have You Met… Girls?

GirlsWhat is it about San Francisco and giving birth to good music? I mean seriously, what did Jerry Garcia drop in the water system to give the Bay area its talent pool?

Today marks the release of one of the soon-to-be most talked about albums of the month (year?), Album, by the lo-fi duo Girls. Hey, I’m just excited to see two non-beareded Sunshine Staters making music that matters. There’s something endearing about the goofy vocals and low maintenance instrumentation that these guys offer, and their more memorable tracks (See: “Lust For Life” and “Hellhole Retrace”) can easily hold their own as some of the standouts of the year so far. If you aren’t normally a garage-y, lo-fi kind of a person I would say give Album your ear, this is some pretty approachable music. If nothing else, at least give it a sample so you have something to offer the many Girls like-it-or-not? debates that will ensue over your PBR tall boy’s over the next month or two.

Girls – Lust For Life [mp3]


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