Have You Met… The Paper Raincoat?

Last month I was on a business trip in Boston and happened across a tiny vegetarian restaurant/famous Cambridge folk center and decided it was the perfect place to grab a bite alone. Little did I know I had stumbled across not only a delicious pumpkin beer and meat-free meal, but the debut LP-release show of Boston gone Brooklyn’s The Paper Raincoat. It’s pretty rare that I can feel moved at a show when I don’t know a single song going into it – but somehow, somewhere, The Paper Raincoat grabbed a hold of my music loving soul and wouldn’t let go.

Maybe it was the catchy and simple tunes, how the female vocalist reminded me of Jenny Lewis, or the tiny historic venue filled with Bostonians, but I became a Paper Raincoat fan instantly. Their talent is obvious, they have a very endearing quality to both their music and stage presence, and they got creative on stage – letting the crowd have as much fun as they were obviously having.

Okay, it’s probably because they sound like a less-electro Postal Service.

MP3: The Paper Raincoat –  “Sympathetic Vibrations”
[I’d Like To Buy That!]
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