Video Watch: Animal Collective – “Brothersport”

Animal Collective are kind of weird, ya know?

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3 responses to “Video Watch: Animal Collective – “Brothersport”

  1. Every Pandora station I make, doesn’t seem to matter which band I start with, comes up with Animal Collective. I guess every band I like has something in common with them…I should probably take a chance on one of their albums.

  2. Daniel you should definitely give “Merriweather Post Pavilion” a try. For me, Animal Collective took a few listens to understand and begin to love – but once I did it was worth it!

    Thanks for de-lurking, and for the shout out on your blog!

  3. Sure! It’s a great blog, although all the “Get out Cle” is a little lost on me since I’m in SF. I guess it would be a little much to ask you to update me on shows out here…

    I’m also the same guy behind Papasan5 on twitter.

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