[Giveaway!] Elvis Costello Spectacle Season 1 DVD + Sundance Channel Prize Pack

If you like well shot live performances and artist interviews, then I highly suggest you peruse your long list of cable channels to see if you’re carrying the Sundance Channel. Along with their Live From Abbey Road program, the network also carries a performance/talk show that has nothing to do with the recent fight for late night, and that’s Spectacle: Elvis Costello With… .

Seriously, listen to this. Wendesday nights at 10 p Elvis Costello invites a wide range of artists to come on his show to perform with him and his band and talk music, from one musical genius to another. Last season featured visits from Lou Reed, Bill Clinton, James Taylor, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, The Police, Rufus Wainwright, She & Him, Jenny Lewis, and Smokey Robinson… the list goes on. I know, right? Check out this clip from the Boss’s interview, where he admits that “Hungry Heart” was originally written for… The Ramones?

Now to the good stuff. If you missed out on Season 1 of Spectacle or desperately need for it to be in your home collection, then you’ve come to the right music blog. E-mail dustsleeve@gmail.com and you will be automatically entered into a random drawing for Spectacle Season 1 AND a Sundance Channel Prize Pack. Update: Congrats to Laura from Chicago!

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2 responses to “[Giveaway!] Elvis Costello Spectacle Season 1 DVD + Sundance Channel Prize Pack

  1. If I pay the post fees can I enter from Portugal?

    • Strangelove – I wish I could have helped you out, but unfortunately the giveaway was facilitated by an outside promoter, so I couldn’t change the rules! Thanks for trying, enjoy Portugal!

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