News Briefs

New Joanna Newsom is 3 Disks?!

As we’ve recently learned, the new and highly anticipated Joanna Newsom album will be released February 23rd on Drag City. Well, the Aussie based label is starting to leak a few more delicious details, including the very-surprising, very-exciting news that Have One On Me will be THREE, I repeat, THREE disks long. That’s a lot of harp-rock, kids. Want to hear some now? First single “81” is streaming here.

Franz Nicolay Is Too Cool For The Hold Steady

You may know Franz Nicolay as the keyboardist for the Hold Steady. Well, you should sever that connection, as it seems Nicolay has abandoned the Hold Steady ship. In what seems to be the creative differences defense, Nicolay says…

“In the Hold Steady, I was kind of a fox in a hedgehog band. The Isaiah Berlin thing about the hedgehogs who have one defining idea and the foxes who have a lot of different ideas. So this is going to let me indulge a lot of those different ideas.They have their one big idea– making literate, wordy lyrics over big anthemic rock– and the last two records were about as good as I felt like I could do with that idea.”

Whatever you say, man.

The Bird and the Bee Love Hall and Oates

Everyone loves cover songs, so I guess that means everyone loves cover albums. Well, at least LA based synth-pop duo The Bird and the Bee do. On March 23rd they’ll drop a nine-track cover album of another poppy duo, Hall and Oates, called Guiltless Pleasures: Volume 1. Why not?

Stephin Merritt is Probably A Genius

If you’re like me, then you’re loving the Magnetic Fields most recent contribution to music-dome, Realism. If you’re really like me, then you think Fields’ puppet master Stephin Merrit is probably a genius. If you needed further proof, see his upcoming musical project: penning a live score for the 1917 film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Long live creative, talented musicians!

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2 responses to “News Briefs

  1. Stephen Merritt is almost certainly a genius.

  2. The Hall and Oates covers are pretty bad ass. Definite must for fans of both bands.

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