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News Briefs

New Joanna Newsom is 3 Disks?!

As we’ve recently learned, the new and highly anticipated Joanna Newsom album will be released February 23rd on Drag City. Well, the Aussie based label is starting to leak a few more delicious details, including the very-surprising, very-exciting news that Have One On Me will be THREE, I repeat, THREE disks long. That’s a lot of harp-rock, kids. Want to hear some now? First single “81” is streaming here.

Franz Nicolay Is Too Cool For The Hold Steady

You may know Franz Nicolay as the keyboardist for the Hold Steady. Well, you should sever that connection, as it seems Nicolay has abandoned the Hold Steady ship. In what seems to be the creative differences defense, Nicolay says…

“In the Hold Steady, I was kind of a fox in a hedgehog band. The Isaiah Berlin thing about the hedgehogs who have one defining idea and the foxes who have a lot of different ideas. So this is going to let me indulge a lot of those different ideas.They have their one big idea– making literate, wordy lyrics over big anthemic rock– and the last two records were about as good as I felt like I could do with that idea.”

Whatever you say, man.

The Bird and the Bee Love Hall and Oates

Everyone loves cover songs, so I guess that means everyone loves cover albums. Well, at least LA based synth-pop duo The Bird and the Bee do. On March 23rd they’ll drop a nine-track cover album of another poppy duo, Hall and Oates, called Guiltless Pleasures: Volume 1. Why not?

Stephin Merritt is Probably A Genius

If you’re like me, then you’re loving the Magnetic Fields most recent contribution to music-dome, Realism. If you’re really like me, then you think Fields’ puppet master Stephin Merrit is probably a genius. If you needed further proof, see his upcoming musical project: penning a live score for the 1917 film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Long live creative, talented musicians!

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News Briefs

Jay Reatard Dies at 29

Memphis based garage musician Jay Reatard passed away in his sleep Tuesday night. Under the birth name Jimmy Lee Lindsey, Jr., the musician was found at 3:30 AM and local police officials have opened an investigation into the cause of death, which is really the only details I’ve been able to find on the matter. Reatard was signed to Matador records, and released his last album Watch Me Fall in August of last year. He was 29 years old, and will be missed by the music community for his infamous antics.

Joanna Newsom Album Details

If you’re like me, rumors of a new Joanna Newsom have been the reason you get out of bed in the morning. Earlier this week we finally got some hard evidence, when a pretty odd comic was released by Newsom’s label Spunk that suggested the album would be released February 23rd. Afterwards the label confirmed that Newsom’s new album, her 3rd LP to follow up 2006’s Ys, will be called Have One On Me and is set for the US release date listed on the comic. Come on, Spunk, throw us an early MP3!
Side Note: She’s been dating Andy Samburg for, like, a few years…anyone else think that’s weird?

Sub Pop March Releases means MP3’s Now

We know, Sub Pop is one of your favorite indie labels, and I guess there’s a reason, those guys are behind tons of the 2010 releases flooding your iPods. In March we’ll see new stuff from the the Seattle label’s signee’s Ruby Suns, Happy Birthday, and Dum Dum Girls, and because they’re just so darn nice, there’s samplin’ MP3’s for all of them!
MP3: Happy Birthday – “Girls FM”
MP3:The Ruby Suns – “Cranberry”
MP3:Dum Dum Girls – “Jail La La”


This is a music blog, but, just in case you were trapped in a closet this week, there’s something sad happening in Haiti.

New Clogs Album to Ft. Sufjan and Shara

March 2nd marks the release of the new Clogs album, the collaboration of the National’s Bryce Dessner and Aussie composer Padma Newsome. Their fifth album will be entitled The Creatures in The Garden Of Lady Walton and apparently will feature My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden and Sufjan Stevens’s Sufjan Stevens. Check out a teaser, below!
MP3: Clogs – “On The Edge”

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News Briefs

Vampire Weekend Streaming Contra in its Entirety

As January 12th creeps closer, so does the release of Vampire Weekends sophomore effort, Contra, which the NYC based quartet has been promoting pretty heavily since the last quarter of ’09. If you can’t wait a second longer to hear their new list of  afro-pop hits then prepare your speakers or headphones – it seems the new album is streaming in its entirety right now on the groups myspace page. Get ’em while they’re hot!

Nick Thorburn + Honus Honus = “Doom-Wop” Side Project

If there’s one thing Nick Thorburn loves, it’s starting a new band. Known best for his spearheading of Canadian groups Unicorns and Islands, and less for his involvement in Th’ Corn Gangg, Reefer, and Human Highway, he’s ready to start all over again with one of our favorite gypsy jazzers, Honus Honus from Man Man. Under the name Mister Heavenly the duo have recorded a few tracks that they will eventually spill over the interwebs, until then we’ll have to sit around and argue what “doom-wop” is going to sound like.

Solange Knowles to Guest on New Of Montreal Album

Stereogum recently posted this progress report of the new Of Montreal album, tentatively titled False Priest, which is set to drop somewhere in the August/September ballpark. The (not so big) surprise is that Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister, ya’ll) is set to guest on the album. We learned of Solange’s Of Montreal love recently after sister Beyonce reportedly got interested in them via her younger sibling. Cute.

Atlas Sound NYE Bootleg

Not all of us could be in good old Athens, GA for NYE (although, I was), so if you were busy getting rowdy in some other state, thank your lucky stars for the power of the interwebs! You can listen to the entire bootleg of Atlas Sound’s performance at the ever-awesome 40-watt right…here!

Polyvinyl Sign Love Is All

2010 is starting to look pretty sexy as far as new releases are concerned, and this week Polyvinyl announced that they’ll be backing a new one from Sweden’s Love Is All. Set to hit the United Shelves of America March 23rd, and semi-humerously titled Two Thousand and Ten Injuries is the band’s third release and, obviously, first baked in the Polyvinyl oven. Yum!
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