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Video Watch: Broken Bells + Solange/Of Montreal

Odd musical pairings are one of my favorite things. Like when Eminem and Elton John got together at the Grammy’s, or Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson stole some money. March 9th marks the release of a debut in the same vein, what some might (inaccurately, in my opinion) call this decade’s answer to the Postal Service – and that’s the Dangermouse/ James Mercer duo Broken Bells. We recently got a leak of the first track, “The High Road”, and now here comes the video.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

I thought I’d throw in a bonus odd collaboration, since it seems like I’m posting something about this love affair every week. Here’s baby Knowles, Solange, on stage with Athens, GA’s psychadelic-poppers Of Montreal covering the Jackson 5 classic, “I Want You Back”. Don’t you just love the Internet?

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Video Watch… Joanna Newsom – New Stuff Live

Man, do I love watching audience-taped live performances. The loud fumbles, the inability to see what exactly is going on, and best of all – the occasional word whispered to the friend in the crowd. If you’re into this fine display of consumer videography like me, then check out these videos of some new tracks from Joanna Newsom. (Seriously though, this is pretty exciting).

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Video Watch: Animal Collective – “Brothersport”

Animal Collective are kind of weird, ya know?

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Video Watch…Islands – “No You Don’t”

“No You Don’t” is the latest video from Montreal, Canada’s Islands off their 2009 release Vapours. Arrested Development fans (or, I guess, Juno and stuff, too) might want to pay attention to this one, as it stars the ever-awkward but endearing Michael Cera. The lesson here, I think, is not to do drugs or not to hang out with Canadians. Or, listen to more Islands…I’m not quite sure.

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Video Watch: NME’s Best of ’09 Video Playlist

Best of the year lists are out with a vengeance, and I thought it was great to see NME put some videos along with it. Check out their youtube playlist, playing their top 50 songs of ’09 by clicking over to youtube through #50 on their list by Bombay Bicycle Club.

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Video Watch: Hot Chip – One Life Stand

As you may already know, Hot Chip have scheduled the release for their next LP “One Life Stand” for February 1st, 2009. Recently, they released the first video for the first single, which goes by the same name. Check it out via Myspace, below.

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Video Watch: Sufjan Stevens – “That Was The Worst Christmas Ever”

If there’s one thing I love, it’s indie rock bands covering Christmas classics. If there’s one thing I uber-love, however, it’s indie rock bands penning their own Christmas hymns. Which is why the multi-album, Sufjan Stevens Christmas collection is my holiday go-to for merry music. To get us in the spirit, let’s check out my favorite of his originals, “That Was The Worst Christmas Ever”, which – as it so happens – is not too merry, after all.

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