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Video Watch: Broken Bells + Solange/Of Montreal

Odd musical pairings are one of my favorite things. Like when Eminem and Elton John got together at the Grammy’s, or Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson stole some money. March 9th marks the release of a debut in the same vein, what some might (inaccurately, in my opinion) call this decade’s answer to the Postal Service – and that’s the Dangermouse/ James Mercer duo Broken Bells. We recently got a leak of the first track, “The High Road”, and now here comes the video.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

I thought I’d throw in a bonus odd collaboration, since it seems like I’m posting something about this love affair every week. Here’s baby Knowles, Solange, on stage with Athens, GA’s psychadelic-poppers Of Montreal covering the Jackson 5 classic, “I Want You Back”. Don’t you just love the Internet?

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This Week In Mixery: “I Want You”

I Definitely never thought I’d be posting a James Blunt mp3 on Dust Sleeve, but life is full of surprises. Here are five artists that have covered Bob Dylan’s track “I Want You”, including the original version for your comparison pleasure.

“I Want You” Mixery [zip]
MP3: Tallest Man On Earth – I Want You (Daytrotter Session)
MP3: Bruce Springsteen – I Want You
MP3: Rock Plaza Central – I Want You
MP3: James Blunt – I Want You
MP3: Bob Dylan – I Want You

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Video Watch: White Rabbits + Britt Daniel / Gainsbourg + Beck

This week we’re video watching a pair of excellent pairings. The first comes from a recent White Rabbits show in San Francisco where the Brooklyn-based six-piece was joined on stage by Spoon’s Britt Daniel for a fairly excellent cover of John Lennon’s “Instant Karma”. Enjoy it, below!

I first fell in love with Charlotte Gainsbourg when she starred in the Michel Gondry French-flick, The Science of Sleep. After netflixing everything of hers I could get my hands on, I then moved on to her music catalog, namely 2006’s 5:55. Last month she started releasing tracks from her third and Beck-produced album IRM, and now it looks like we’ve got ourselves a video. Check out the Beck duet, “Heaven Can Wait”, available for your swooning pleasure below.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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This Week In Mixery… August 28

Blitzen Trapper – Big Black Bird
Fun. – Walking The Dog
Arctic Monkeys – Dangerous Animals
Asobi Seksu – Transparence
Vandaveer – Turpentine

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Have You Met…Kendrick Strauch covering the YYY’s?

harlemshakes_060909_01Although Kendrick Strauch isn’t usually thought of as an artist all his own (he plays keyboards for NYC’s Harlem Shakes), he did recently make some solo music that will impress you. Before hitting the road to tour with Passion Pit, Kendrick decided to cover the entirety of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s debut release, Fever To Tell, from “Rich” to “Modern Romance”…on his own. In two days. To win a bet. 

Sound ridiculous? That’s because it is. Even more ridiculous is how good this whole “album” is. Using a piano and a drum machine, he re-interpreted a skuzzy punk album and turned it into a creative work of lo-fi beauty. Under the moniker Kendrick O, he has posted a few tracks with an explanation of the project (because I like having sex to this album, I guess I”ll cover it) to a myspace page, where you can also get your hands on the link to download the project, 48 Hour Fever.

Although the most interesting track on the album is hands down the 8-minute mix of “Maps” and “Modern Romance”, which includes spoken word poetry, my favorite of his interpretations is the sweet piano sounds of “Y Control” – pretty different than the original, eh? Streaming below.

[Download] Kendrick O – Y Control
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[Double Feature] Video Watch…The Decemberists – Crazy On You

In honor of my excitement to check out the Decemberists perform the entirety of their new album The Hazards Of Love live tomorrow night, I figured I’d throw an extra video on the bill for today in an exclusive double feature. Apparently along with watching the band show off their skills as thespians, I’m in for a treat of Colin Meloy & Co. covering Heart’s “Crazy On You” – with Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamon) and Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond) taking hold of the vocals. Check out the video below!!

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Five: Green (A Dust Sleeve Series)


Fifth installment in a (sometimes) weekly series. Click to view.