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Video Watch: Broken Bells + Solange/Of Montreal

Odd musical pairings are one of my favorite things. Like when Eminem and Elton John got together at the Grammy’s, or Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson stole some money. March 9th marks the release of a debut in the same vein, what some might (inaccurately, in my opinion) call this decade’s answer to the Postal Service – and that’s the Dangermouse/ James Mercer duo Broken Bells. We recently got a leak of the first track, “The High Road”, and now here comes the video.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

I thought I’d throw in a bonus odd collaboration, since it seems like I’m posting something about this love affair every week. Here’s baby Knowles, Solange, on stage with Athens, GA’s psychadelic-poppers Of Montreal covering the Jackson 5 classic, “I Want You Back”. Don’t you just love the Internet?

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Video Watch… Joanna Newsom – New Stuff Live

Man, do I love watching audience-taped live performances. The loud fumbles, the inability to see what exactly is going on, and best of all – the occasional word whispered to the friend in the crowd. If you’re into this fine display of consumer videography like me, then check out these videos of some new tracks from Joanna Newsom. (Seriously though, this is pretty exciting).

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Have You Met… The Lighthouse and the Whaler?

I’ve always said that the extensive Metroparks system is one of the best things about Cleveland, and now – along with never-ending bike trails, families of deer, and more pavilions than you can count – we can add the birthplace of one of Cleveland’s catchiest up-and-coming local bands to the list. The Lighthouse and the Whaler are a collection of strapping Cleveland lads who met in the park one day to “jam” and ended up falling in love with the music they could make.

I was introduced to the heartwarming folk stylings of TLATW this Friday when they were featured at the Beachland Ballroom thanks to Scene Magazine, and was immediately blown away. The similarity to Bon Iver and all the other stringed folkies out there was imminent, but there was a creative energy and love for performing on stage that reminded me a lot of one of my favorite NC groups, Lost in the Trees (The use of bells and cello could also be to blame). Although I know many music fans are getting sick of the folk re-revival, I think anyone can decide pretty early on into their debut, self-titled record that The Lighthouse and the Whaler are on to something.

I have a feeling we won’t be enjoying a locals-only-fan experience for much longer on these guys, they’ve been featured on Filter and soon an upcoming Under the Radar compilation. Check them out around town, soon!

MP3: The Lighthouse and the Whaler – “White Days”
MP3: The Lighthouse and the Whaler – “Of The Heavens And The Earth”
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Get Out, CLE! – Week Of January 11

Mon Jan 11

1997 + The Party Circuit + Endo Orphans @ The Grog Shop / 9 p – $8
Chucklefuck @ Bela Dubby / 8

Tue Jan 12

Cut Short + Damages + Full Circle @ Tower 2012 / 8 p – donation
Improv Comedy Jams @ Bela Dubby / 8 p
Steve Mullan @ Barking Spider / 8 p
The Midnight Ghost Train + ALBUM + Slap @ Now That’s Class / 9 p – $5

Wed Jan 13

Lightweight Backpacking Clinic @ Cuyahoga Valley National Park / 7 p – $20
Collapse (Film) @ The Capital Theatre / 7:30 p – $8
Early Girl + Scrimshaw @ The Grog Shop / 8 p – $9
Danny Carlton & The Elements @ Barking Spider / 8 p
Bear In Heaven + Freelance Whales @ The Spot / 8 p
Alejandro Escovedo @ Beachland Ballroom / 8 p – $20
MP3: Alejandro Escovedo “Castanets”

Thu Jan 14

Days of Heaven (Film) @ Cinematheque / 6:45 p
Future Heights Benefit feat Oldboy + Max Stern + Nicky English of Posh Army @ The Grog Shop / 8 p – $10
Democratic Movie Night @ Bela Dubby / 8 p
Flipside + Face Made For Radio @ Barking Spider / 8 p
Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles + The Big Sweet @ The Beachland Tavern / 8 p – $8
Walt And El Grupo (Film) @ Cinematheque / 8:40 p
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor + Mohammed Cartoon + Post Vinyl @ Now That’s Class/ 9 p – free

Fri Jan 15

Yeasayer Listening Party @ Music Saves / 7 p
Walt And El Grupo (Film) @ Cinematheque / 7:30 p
Kid Cudi @ The Agora / 8 p – $27 a : $32 d
Enter The Haggis + Bog Ponies @ The Beachland Ballroom / 8 p – $12
B.Daniels Brigade + The Brandon Oliver Project @ Bela Dubby/ 8 p
Attention Deficit Glee Club @ Barking Spider / 8 p
The Duchess & The Duke + Medication @ The Grog Shop / 9 p – $10
The Floorwalkers + Matt Truman’s Ego Trip + Modern Electric @ The Beachland Tavern / 9 p – $7
Sinks + Flyin’ Trichecos + The Wooly Bullies + Space Demons + Sports Bras/Bored Games @ Now That’s Class / 9 p – $5
Days of Heaven (Film) @ Cinematheque / 9:40 p

Sat Jan 16

Bye Bye Birdie (Film) @ Cinematheque / 5:30 p
Angel (Film) @ Cinematheque / 7:30 p
Ballyhoo! + Cleveland Zoo @ The Grog Shop/ 8 p – $8
Alex Bevan @ The Kent Stage / 8 p
Harry + Crookneck Chandler @ Barking Spider / 8 p
15-60-75 (The Numbers Band) @ The Beachland Ballroom / 9 p – $6
Melvin Davis & The Nu Nite Sounds + The Bassholes @ The Beachland Tavern / 9 p – $10
J Buckner and Friends + The Quick and Dirty + The Red Buttons + Ben Fox @ Bela Dubby / 9 p
Red Wanting Blue @ Brothers Lounge / 9:30 p -$10
Black Dynamite (Film) @ Cinematheque / 10:05 p
Film: Fight Club @ The Capital Theatre / midnight – $5

Sun Jan 17

Bye Bye Birdie (Film) @ Cinematheque / 4:00 p
Black Dynamite (Film) @ Cinematheque / 6:30 p
Gold Motel (Greta from The Hush Sound) + New Romans (members of We Are The Fury, Head Automatica, Men Women and Children, Jaguar Love) + Uno Lady + Pet Tigers @The Grog Shop / 8 p – $7 a : $8 d
Angel (Film) @ Cinematheque / 8:20 p
The Rural Alberta Advantage + The Buried Wires + The Octagon @ The Beachland Tavern / 8:30 p – $8 a:  $10 d
DEFEATIST + GOMORRAHIZER @ Now That’s Classs / 9 p – free

Mon Jan 18

Kid Cudi @ The Agora / 8 p – $27 a : $32 d
Enter The Haggis + Bog Ponies @ The Beachland Ballroom / 8 p – $12
B.Daniels Brigade + The Brandon Oliver Project @ Bela Dubby/ 8 p
Attention Deficit Glee Club @ Barking Spider / 8 p
The Duchess & The Duke + Medication @ The Grog Shop / 9 p – $10
The Floorwalkers + Matt Truman’s Ego Trip + Modern Electric @ The Beachland Tavern / 9 p – $7
Sinks + Flyin’ Trichecos + The Wooly Bullies + Space Demons + Sports Bras/Bored Games @ Now That’s Class / 9 p – $5
Days of Heaven (Film) @ Cinematheque / 9:40 p

What are we missing? E-mail dustsleeve@gmail.com to add to this week’s or upcoming week’s Get Out, CLE calendar!
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Video Watch: Sufjan Stevens – “That Was The Worst Christmas Ever”

If there’s one thing I love, it’s indie rock bands covering Christmas classics. If there’s one thing I uber-love, however, it’s indie rock bands penning their own Christmas hymns. Which is why the multi-album, Sufjan Stevens Christmas collection is my holiday go-to for merry music. To get us in the spirit, let’s check out my favorite of his originals, “That Was The Worst Christmas Ever”, which – as it so happens – is not too merry, after all.

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New Release Update

Here’s What’s Hitting The Shelves This Week

Ad Explorata
1320 Records->

Sound Tribe Sector Nine (or STS9 to their best of friends) is an instrumental “post-rock dance” 5-piece that’s been around since 1998. Ad Explorata is their 6th studio release on their self-run label, 1320 records. If you like their multi-sound infusion, be sure to check out one of their many side projects. In the meantime, stream “Oil and Water” below. [I’ll buy that!]
MP3: STS9 – “Oil & Water”

The King of Rocksprings->
The Milkman Vs. The Postman Problem

The Milkman Vs. The Postman Problem is the debut EP from Brooklyn artist and musician Scott Sosebee. Sosbee has drummed for bands all across the board, including (most notably) Athens, GA’s Little Red Rocket. After relocating to New York and getting in a pretty serious trapeze accident, Sosbee decided it was time to release some solo work. Sample “The Perfect Guy”, opening track from The Milkman VS. The Postman Problem, self-released tomorrow. [I’ll buy that!]
MP3: The King Of Rocksprings – “The Perfect Guy”

Yuuki Matthews ->
Music For Savage Imagery
Asthmatic Kitty ->

It’s pretty rare that Sufjan Stevens backed Asthmatic Kitty Records puts out an album that I’m not a fan of, which is why I’m not surprised to be digging the debut release from Yuuki Matthews. Music For Savage Imagery is a part of Asthmatic Kitty’s “Library Catalogue Music”, a collection of instrumental albums being released by the label. Seattle-based Matthews released this album in hopes that it may be used as the background of movies or digital projects in the future. Check out track “Conquerors”, below. [I’ll buy that!]
MP3: Yuuki Matthews – “Conquerors”

Also Out This Week
30 Seconds to Mars – This Is War
Abbo Abbas – Abbo Abbas
Lowell Brams – Songs For Insomnia
M. Bison – M. Bison
Roberto Carlos Lange – Music For Memory
We The Kings
– Smile Kid
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This Week In Mixery: “I Want You”

I Definitely never thought I’d be posting a James Blunt mp3 on Dust Sleeve, but life is full of surprises. Here are five artists that have covered Bob Dylan’s track “I Want You”, including the original version for your comparison pleasure.

“I Want You” Mixery [zip]
MP3: Tallest Man On Earth – I Want You (Daytrotter Session)
MP3: Bruce Springsteen – I Want You
MP3: Rock Plaza Central – I Want You
MP3: James Blunt – I Want You
MP3: Bob Dylan – I Want You

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