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This Week In Mixery: Animals

There’s a new ballot initiative to protect farm animals here in good ‘ol Ohio. Check out more info on the issue here, as well as some ideas on how you can help and get involved.

Animals Mixery [zip]

MP3: Headlights – We’re All Animals

MP3: Andrew Bird – Anonanimal

MP3: Great Lake Swimmers – The Animals Of The World

MP3: Neko Case – I’m An Animal

MP3: Karen O and The Kids – Animal


This Week In Mixery: Sun

Today Deschanel/Ward backed She & Him released the first single from their upcoming sophomore effort, “Volume Two”, entitled “In The Sun”. Out of excitement, here’s a sun-themed mixery to get you through your weekend.

Sun Mixery[zip]

MP3: She and Him – “In The Sun”
MP3: The Veils – “Sun Gangs”
MP3: Grand Archives – “A Setting Sun”
MP3: Shearwater – “Runners Of The Sun”
MP3: Viva Voce – “Midnight Sun”
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Smorgasbord!! – Volume II

Smor-gas -bord (smȯr-gəs-ˌbȯrd): an often large heterogeneous mixture.
Download: Volume II [zip]

MP3: Citay – “Mirror Kisses”
from Dream Get Together out 01/26 on Dead Oceanshttp://drop.io/download/public/xhgwknhmks0we6buuaim/78f68e9f12f47c847e7ede1d06b133f284363354/85835870-e7a4-012c-aaab-f41654f6c55e/301d1b30-e7a7-012c-8fc4-ff9bbe17de62/v2/content

MP3: Broken Bells – “The High Road”
from Broken Bells out 3/9 on Sony
MP3: Seabear – “Lion Faced Boy”
from We Built A Fire out in March on Morr Music
MP3: Midlake – “Winter Dies”
from The Courage of Others out 2/1 on Bella Union
MP3: Owen Pallett – “Lewis Takes Action”
from Heartland out now on Domino
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This Week In Mixery…New York City

In lieu of my work trip to the city that never sleeps, or is an apple, or something, here’s 5 songs dedicated to NYC.

New York City Mixery [zip]

MP3: LCD Soundsystem – “New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”
MP3: Cat Power – “New York”
MP3: Slow Six – “The Night You Left New York”
MP3: REM – “Leaving New York”
MP3: Simon and Garfunkel – “The Only Living Boy in New York”

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This Week In Mixery: “I Want You”

I Definitely never thought I’d be posting a James Blunt mp3 on Dust Sleeve, but life is full of surprises. Here are five artists that have covered Bob Dylan’s track “I Want You”, including the original version for your comparison pleasure.

“I Want You” Mixery [zip]
MP3: Tallest Man On Earth – I Want You (Daytrotter Session)
MP3: Bruce Springsteen – I Want You
MP3: Rock Plaza Central – I Want You
MP3: James Blunt – I Want You
MP3: Bob Dylan – I Want You

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This Week In Mixery: Vampires

Right now you could go to the movie theater and see New Moon if you wanted to. Well, it’s probably sold out – but in theory you could. You don’t care about seeing New Moon but something tells me you will, just to keep your head up high as an American. Last week we gave some love to the Wolves for Team Jacob. This week we’ll give Team Edward a shot – Vampire Mixery away!

Vampires Mixery [zip]
MP3: Antsy Pants – Vampire
MP3: Vampire Weekend – M79
MP3: Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s – Vampires In Blue Dresses
MP3: The Builders and the Butchers – Vampire Lake
MP3: Noah and the Whale – Devil Town (Daniel Johnston Cover) [For “Vampire” Lyrics]
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This Week In Mixery: Where Wolves?

Next week the second installment in the Twilight-goes-film series “New Moon” is released and teens everywhere are already standing in line. We thought we’d poke fun at this moment in pop culture by dedicating the next two Mixeries to the bases of Bella Swan’s love triangle – Jacob (the Werewolf) and Edward (the Vampire). This week we’ll get hairy with the wolves.

Wolf Mixery [zip]
MP3: TV on the Radio – “Wolf Like Me”
MP3: Dead Man’s Bones – “Werewolf Heart”
MP3: Sea Wolf – “You’re A Wolf”
MP3: Coco Rosie – “Werewolf”
MP3: Wolf Parade – “You are a Runner and I am my Father’s Son”
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