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New Release Update

Yeasayer – Odd Blood
Secretly Canadian / buy!

Odd Blood is the second studio album from Brooklyn’s experimental rockers Yeasayer. Fans haven’t seen a new LP from the group since 2007’s All Hour Cymbals, which received a slew of positive attention from all the “right” places. First single “Ambling Alp” was released by the band in late October.

Hot Chip – One Life Stand
Astralwerks / buy!

One Life Stand is the fourth studio album from London-based synth-pop quintet Hot Chip. The album has been held in pretty high anticipation after the success of 2008’s Made In The Dark, and is promised to sound more or less from the same vein.

Angelo Spencer – Et Les Hauts Sommets
K Recs / buy

If you aren’t quite sure why you recognize the name Angelo Spencer let me try and help – he is Kimya Dawson’s French Alp-born husband, who has opened for or been at any Kimya show you might have caught (especially during that wonderful Juno phase. Well, Angelo is more than capable of standing alone on his own two feet – which is obvious upon first listen to Et Les Hauts Sommets (translation: At The High Peaks), an instrumental piece you’ll be happy fell into your lap this month.

Also Out This Week:
Ben+Vesper – LuvInIdleness
The Besnard Lakes – Albatross
Best Coast – Something in the Way 7″
David Bowie – David Bowie: Deluxe Edition
Galactic – Ya-Ka-May
Georgia Anne Muldrow – King‘s Ballad
Hanoi Janes – Summer of Panic
Hunx and His Punx – Gay Singles
Kath Bloom – Thin Thin Line
Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose – Bridge Carols
Massive Attack – Heligoland
Pantha du Prince – Black Noise
Phantogram – Eyelid Movies
Redman – Reggie Noble 9 1/2
Title Tracks – It Was Easy
The Watson Twins – Talking to You, Talking to Me

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New Release Update – January 18

Spoon – Transference

Merge Records / buy!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Austin-based, Britt Daniel backed Spoon. Music lovers tend to come from one of two viewpoints on the foursome – they either absolutely love them or are luke-warmly interested. Either way, I have a feeling their 7th release, Transference, is going to be a crowd-pleaser.
MP3: Spoon – “Written In Reverse ”

Surfer Blood – Afro Coast

Kanine / buy!

Every year there is a bucket full of over-hyped, Pitchfork-approved, blogged-to-death groups that put out a few good singles and one mediocre album. Surfer Blood seemed to be a good candidate for this category, but after hearing their debut Afro Coast , I have to say – this time the hypers got it right. These Palm Beach, 90’s throwback rockers are worth listening to.
MP3: Surfer Blood – “Swim”

Eels – End Times

Vagrant / buy!

When it comes to Eels, you pretty much know what you’re going to get. E has his scratchy, melancholy vocals and minimal guitar/piano/drum sound set in stone, so you’ll either like it or you won’t. The four track recording sounds bare and personal, and that’s because it is – one listen to the lyrics will have you uncomfortably involved in E’s loneliness and misery… just the way you like it.
MP3: Eels – “Little Bird”

Also Out This Week:
Blockhead – The Music Scene
Cold War Kids – Behave Yourself EP
Dinowalrus – %
Editors – In This Light And On This Evening
Josephine Foster – Graphic as a Star
The Hot Rats – Turn Ons
Infinite Body – Carve Out the Face of My God
Lindstrom & Christabelle – Real Life Is No Cool
Major Stars – Return to Form
Motion City Soundtrack – My Dinosaur Life
Red Krayola with Art and Language – Five American Portraits
RJD2 – The Colossus
Scout Niblett – The Calcination of Scout Niblett
Various Artists –
Pop Ambient 2010
Virulence – If This Isn’t a Dream… 1985-1989
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New Release Update

Here’s What’s Hitting The Shelves This Week

Ad Explorata
1320 Records->

Sound Tribe Sector Nine (or STS9 to their best of friends) is an instrumental “post-rock dance” 5-piece that’s been around since 1998. Ad Explorata is their 6th studio release on their self-run label, 1320 records. If you like their multi-sound infusion, be sure to check out one of their many side projects. In the meantime, stream “Oil and Water” below. [I’ll buy that!]
MP3: STS9 – “Oil & Water”

The King of Rocksprings->
The Milkman Vs. The Postman Problem

The Milkman Vs. The Postman Problem is the debut EP from Brooklyn artist and musician Scott Sosebee. Sosbee has drummed for bands all across the board, including (most notably) Athens, GA’s Little Red Rocket. After relocating to New York and getting in a pretty serious trapeze accident, Sosbee decided it was time to release some solo work. Sample “The Perfect Guy”, opening track from The Milkman VS. The Postman Problem, self-released tomorrow. [I’ll buy that!]
MP3: The King Of Rocksprings – “The Perfect Guy”

Yuuki Matthews ->
Music For Savage Imagery
Asthmatic Kitty ->

It’s pretty rare that Sufjan Stevens backed Asthmatic Kitty Records puts out an album that I’m not a fan of, which is why I’m not surprised to be digging the debut release from Yuuki Matthews. Music For Savage Imagery is a part of Asthmatic Kitty’s “Library Catalogue Music”, a collection of instrumental albums being released by the label. Seattle-based Matthews released this album in hopes that it may be used as the background of movies or digital projects in the future. Check out track “Conquerors”, below. [I’ll buy that!]
MP3: Yuuki Matthews – “Conquerors”

Also Out This Week
30 Seconds to Mars – This Is War
Abbo Abbas – Abbo Abbas
Lowell Brams – Songs For Insomnia
M. Bison – M. Bison
Roberto Carlos Lange – Music For Memory
We The Kings
– Smile Kid
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New Release Update

Here’s What’s Hitting The Shelves This Week

aAsobi Seksu ->
Polyvinyl ->

NYC’s favorite Japanese-shoegaze duo Asobi Seksu brings us an interesting re-record of past matieral on Rewolf, one of the last albums recorded at the infamous Olympic Studios (See: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, etc). Expect mostly acoustic re-interpretations of your favorite Seksu tracks, such as “Thursday” from 2006’s Citrus, streaming below. (Side Note: Asobi Seksu means “casual sex” in Japanese. Naughty!) [I’d like to buy that, thank you]
: Asobi Seksu – Thursday

PrintOla Podrida>
Belly of the Lion
Western Vinyl ->

Belly of the Lion is the second LP release from Austin’s Ola Podrida.  Headed by talented film score composer David Wingo, Ola Podrirda falls into the now very well established folk format along with favorites like Bon Iver and Iron & Wine – but don’t allow his soft lyrics and acoustic rhythms to be merely grouped with his contemporaries and overlooked. Wingo stands on his own, with poetic lyrics and a Texan perspective to boot. Check out “Your Father’s Basement” and “Roomful of Sparrows” – available below. [I’d like to buy that, thank you]

: Your Father’s Basement
MP3: Roomful of Sparrows

pantsPants Yell! ->
Received Pronunciation
Slumberland Records ->

Nothing says “we make fun music” like an exclamation point glued to the end of your band name, and Boston-based trio Pants Yell! is no exception. We find Pants Yell! five albums into their career with Recieved Pronunciation, and they’re doing what they do best – plain and simple, catchy, clangy indie-pop.  It may not be their best, or most challenging album, but it’s enough to get me going – and it seems to be their last. At least, that’s what they’re claiming for now. Album single “Cold Hands” is below. [I’d like to buy that, thank you]

: Pants Yell – Cold Hands

Also Out This Week:
Bobby Birdman – New Moons
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Live
Clipse – Till The Casket Drops
Dashboard Confessional – Alter The Ending
Flyleaf – Momento Mori
Rickie Lee Jones – Balm In Gilead
Robyn Hitchcock – I Often Dream of Trains in New York
Hurricane Bells – Tonight is the Ghost
Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Xenophanes
Mr.Gnome – Have Your Skelleton
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New Release Update

Here’s What’s Hitting the Shelves this Week

casaJulian Casablancas ->
Phrazes for the Young
Rough Trade ->

You Probably remember Julian Casablancas as the vocalist and lead songwriter behind one of our favorite “The” bands of the early-2000’s – The Strokes. Casablancas’s foray into the world of solo-musicdome comes on the heels of side-project releases from bandmates Hammond, Fraiture, and Moretti. On paper this album sounds good, what with being produced by Jason Lader (Rilo Kiley) and Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Monsters of Folk), and taking its name after a piece by Oscar Wilde. And actually – it sounds pretty good on ear, too. [I’d like to buy that, thank you]

MP3: Julian Casablancas – Out Of The Blue

coldCold Cave ->
Love Comes Close
Matador ->

If you’re interested in experimental synth-pop, or people who like to stick it to Pete Wentz, you should seriously consider purchasing Cold Cave’s Love Comes Close. Based in Philadelphia, Wesley Eisold is an ex-hardcore frontman who is now focusing on the rising popularity of his solo work. Love Comes Close was actually released previously under his own Heartworm Press, but tomorrow marks it’s re-pressing on Matador, making his material more accessible to the masses. Suck on that, Wentz. [I’d like to buy that, thank you]

MP3: Cold Cave – Life Magazine

raditudeWeezer >
Geffen ->

The Rainn-Wilson named Raditude is the 7th release from the Rivers Cuomo fronted Weezer, and that makes it officially 5 albums since the group has made something you can stomach (make it four if you loved “Hash Pipe” and “Island in the Sun”). Anyone who had their fingers crossed that the nerdy four-pack would revive their Pinkerton ways can rest easy – there’s no going back. Album cover, title, and knowledge of collabs with Lil’ Wayne and guys who produced songs for Avril and Kelly Clarkson are all you need to know – add it to the “suck” column and call it a day. [I’d like to buy that, but only because it comes with a limited edition Weezer snuggie (seriously), thank you]

MP3: Weezer – (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

Also Out This Week:
Brilliant ColorsIntroducing
CFCF Continent
DevoQ: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo
Efterklang Performing Parades
FelixYou Are The One I Pick
Melanie FionaThe Bridge
Girls In Trouble S/T
Guided By Voices Suitcase 3
Half-Handed CloudCut Me Down and Count My Rings
HolopawOh Glory, Oh Wilderness
Curtis HarveyA Box of Stones
Taylor HollingsworthLife With A Slow Ear
Etienne Jaumet Night Music
Jookabox Dead Zone Boys
King Khan and the BBQ ShowInvisible Girl
LaarksAn Exhaltation of Laarks
Lymbic SystemShutter Release
Molina and JohnsonS/T
On FilmoreExtended Vacation
Ryan LeslieTransition
Shwayze – Let It Beat
The SwimmersPeople Are Soft
Systems OfficerUnderslept
Wale Attention Deficit
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Music Calendar… Week of September 21

NC Shows:

9/21 – Jolie Holland – The ArtsCenter
Ingrid Michaelson –
Cats Cradle
Busdriver – Local 506
9/23 – Asobi Seski – Local 506
The BooksCats Cradle [canceled!!]
9/24 – MaeCats Cradle
Islands – Local 506
9/27 – The Coathangers + Pink Flag – Local 506

CLE Shows:
9/21 – Owl City – Grog Shop
Porcupine Tree – House of Blues
9/23 – Slaid Cleaves – Beachland Ballroom
Bell X1 – House of Blues
9/24 – …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Grog Shop
Sufjan Stevens – Beachland Ballroom
9/25 – Thursday – Beachland Ballroom
9/26 – Soulsavers – Grog Shop
Mystery of Two [Free Show] – The Bridge Project

islandsMust See (NC): There are a few great shows at the Local 506 this week, but the one you can’t miss happens on Thursday the 24th with the appearance of Montreal royalty, Islands.  Coming off the heels of the release date (tomorrow) of their new album “Vapours” these indie darlings should put on a good night of Canadian music. Show’s at 9, $10 at the door ($8 for non-procrastinators) and DC’s Chain and the Gang open.
sufjanMust See (CLE): If you were lucky enough to snag the quickly sold out tickets, then you already know where you’ll be this Thursday. Sufjan Stevens plays an intimate show at the Beachland Ballroom, which may include music from his new concept piece “The BQE” or some tracks off earlier albums. Either way, it’ll be gorgeous!
wwwb706144_largeMust Hear: September has been bringing out a long list of releases, and this week is no different. Who you need to hear? Some may say it’s Bon Iver‘s new project Volcano Choir, or the Oberst/James/Mogis/Ward collab. Monsters of Folk. Personally, I think you can’t live without grabbing a copy of the new Sea Wolf album “White Water, White Bloom” (but you might as well buy all three).

Album Releases:

Afternoon Naps – Parade
Basement Jaxx – Scars
Banco De Gala – Memories Dreams Reflections
The Big Pink – A Brief History of Love
(many, many more after the jump) Continue reading

Music Calendar… Week Of September 14

NC Shows:

9/15 – Missing Cats – The ArtsCenter
…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead Cats Cradle
9/18 – Yo La Tengo – Carolina Theatre
9/20 – Datarock – Local 506
9/21 – Jolie Holland –
The ArtsCenter
Ingrid Michaelson –
Cats Cradle
Busdriver – Local 506
CLE Shows:
9/14 – A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Beachland Ballroom
9/17 – Circulatory System – Grog Shop 
9/18 – The Clarks – Grog Shop 
Sondre Lerche – Beachland Ballroom
9/19 – Joshua Radin – Grog Shop 
9/21 – Owl City – Grog Shop
Porcupine Tree – House of Blues
[Check out our full listings for NC and CLE shows]

yo.jpMust See (NC): One of the best things to come out of Hoboken, Yo La Tengo is an indie hard hitter you definitely don’t want to miss live, which means NC kiddies should swing by the Carolina Theatre on Friday night. Watch the trio as they shoegaze to the sounds of their recent (and twelfth!) release, “Popular Songs”.
cMust See (CLE): Last week I informed all our Triad friends that they shouldn’t miss Circulatory System in a town near them, and now I’m spreading this wonderful advice onto those lakeside. Head to the Grog Shop Thursday night to see Will Cullen Hart and friends play tracks from their new release “Signal Morning”. Nesey Gallons and Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t open at 8 pm, you’re in for $8.
sMust Hear: Slaraffenland play  “an evocative mix of prog, post-punk, and folk”, and they play it well. The funkily-named five-piece release their second LP, “We’re On Your Side”  tomorrow from Hometapes – but you can stream it in its entirety at MBV.

Album Releases:
The 69 Eyes – Back In Blood
Aluminum Babe – 17
Butterfly Boucher – Scary Fragile
Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats – Meet the Meatbats
DD/MM/YYYY – Black Square
Drake – So Far Gone
The Dynamites – Burn It Down
Every Time I Die – New Junk Aesthetic
Fink – Sort Of Revolution
The Fresh and Only’s – Grey-Eyed Girls
Gary Go – S/T
Grand Archives – Keep In Mind Frankenstein
Mark Knopfler – Get Lucky
Kyle Hollingsworth – Then There’s Now
Living Colour –
The Chair In The Doorway
Maniac Street Preachers – Journal for Plague Lovers
Megadeth – Endgame
Muse – The Resistance
Mystery of Two – S/T
New Moneen – The World I Want To Leave Behind
Protest The Hero – Galop Meets The Earth
Simian Mobile Disco – Temporary Pleasure
Slaraffenland – We’re On Your Side
Ryan Starr – 11:59
Thrice – Beggars
Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson – Break Up
[For a full-list and downloadable PDF of upcoming releases, click here]
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