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This Week In Mixery: Vampires

Right now you could go to the movie theater and see New Moon if you wanted to. Well, it’s probably sold out – but in theory you could. You don’t care about seeing New Moon but something tells me you will, just to keep your head up high as an American. Last week we gave some love to the Wolves for Team Jacob. This week we’ll give Team Edward a shot – Vampire Mixery away!

Vampires Mixery [zip]
MP3: Antsy Pants – Vampire
MP3: Vampire Weekend – M79
MP3: Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s – Vampires In Blue Dresses
MP3: The Builders and the Butchers – Vampire Lake
MP3: Noah and the Whale – Devil Town (Daniel Johnston Cover) [For “Vampire” Lyrics]
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